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Lives ARE changed by Jesus. How?

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Patterns in our brain our formed when our conscious thoughts take root into our subconscious.  In other words, when we do, say, or think things intentionally that we are aware of often enough that they then become part of us when we aren’t readily aware of them. How?  By spending intentional time in various activities that solidify thought patterns in our conscious mind that then create new brain pathways, and those pathways are solidified through […]

Mystery Revealed: God’s Voice

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I know I’ve mentioned many times that Christians claim ownership over circumstances that I’ve now discovered to be widely universal, but yet another dawned on me today. There are many terms for this experience, :… Prayer Time.  God time. Prayer Closet.  Quiet time. Me time.  Alone time. Meditation.  Prayer. Chanting. Centering. Soaking. Self-hypnosis. Yoga. Retreat. Solace. Solitude.  (Aaaaand probably infinitely more that I haven’t experienced myself.) …but the result is the same (sorry Christians, you […]

I can’t believe what just happened. Or some other click bait. Because THIS.

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I’m still sweating.  That kind of nervousness that lightly gathers on your forearm, the back of your neck, your upper lip.  That kind that is preceded by a hot wave reddening your cheeks and followed by a large unsettling sickness in your belly causing your heart to race and fingers to shake. My husband comes from a fundamentalist Mormon (polygamist) sect.  We are spending Christmas with them.  And every night, their family gathers in a circle […]

I still like praying before a meal

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Eating a quiet, incredibly delicious meal all by myself at a local restaurant and pondering about the beautiful community of people required to produce it. I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the server who brought it to me. To the chef who displayed the food so artistically, using bits of finely chopped up carrot and parsley to confetti the outside of my plate. To the cooks who grilled the chicken, chopped […]

The gods of the steamy bath

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That which has been the most difficult for me to replace from religion has been the peace, serenity, wholeness, other-worldly-connectedness I felt during prayer times and worship services.  Now that I no longer believe in the spiritual realm, it feels impossible for me to connect with that which I always associated with god.  I came close the last time I played piano (I wrote a blog about this months ago).  It was heavenly.  It’s been […]

Don’t give me your anecdotes.

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I posted this on Facebook because I wanted to subtly send a message to all of our ridiculous friends/family that use anecdotes to try to convince us of anything from crystal healing to the power of prayer. : In the past month, I haven’t been bitten by a snake. Or had a headache. Or been pregnant. Or seen double. And my hair has grown longer. And I’ve been mostly happy. Also, in the past month, […]