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A practical look at anxiety and reprogramming your brain.

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leaving Christianity / the post-God side

I’m not sure how long anxiety has been a struggle in my life because so much of it required an awareness that I didn’t have prior to a couple years ago.  But the more I was aware of the symptoms, the more I realized how crippling it was in my life. So, I’ve been seeing a therapist for a year and half now — a great therapist with over 30 years of experience and extensive […]

Pentecostalism = Paganism

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the godless side

Something just occurred to me: Christians claim contradictory things: (1) No miracles are necessary to prove that their god is the one true god because “faith,” yet (2) they use miracles as signs to justify that faith. So, if a miracle occurred inside the faith, then *boom,* all of the thousands of claims of their doctrines are true.  But if a miracle occurred outside their faith (in other religions, such as paganism), then they would use Satan […]