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Religion almost ruined my marriage

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the godless side / the post-God side

When two people live together, conflict arises.  And I’m not talking about the harsh, difficult conflict that comes with arguing, I’m talking about a gentle conflict.  Just the collision of two people.  Preferences that are different.  Or desires about the behavior of another because of the way it affects the self.  This conflict comes up continually as our lives brush up with one another’s. Shared space is almost synonymous with this kind of conflict.  One […]

What DOES that Bible really say about parenting?

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the godless side / the post-God side

I’ve mentioned that one of my current passions is Attachment Parenting. I wrote a post on my non-anonymous blog a week or two ago that got people pretty fired up when I shared it on facebook. My point was to challenge the notion that raising a child “God’s Way” (via the methods of parenting in books like “Growing Kids God’s Way” and “Babywise”) was not only counter to current research and science on epigenetics, child […]