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Identity in Christ = Worthlessness

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the godless side

Finding your identity in Christ… This was a message spoken to me day-to-day, week-to-week for decades.  It was about my self-worth, and my need to find it in another entity.  What does that mean when that entity disappears from your psyche by disbelief in his existence?  It means your worth disappears along with it. My worth, as a human, inherently and intrinsically, was always nothing.  I was only valuable through the eyes of god, who […]

Religion costs me $75 per week + all my tears

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the godless side / the post-God side

My emotional and mental struggles were a bit too convoluted to solve on my own, so I started seeing a therapist several months ago.  I see him almost weekly because of the depths of entanglement within me.  His evidence-based approach is refreshing, as he uses science, physiology of the brain and brain chemistry, and research-based methods from years of experience and studies to give useful solutions.  There are reasons, there are answers, and there are […]

I still like praying before a meal

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the godless side

Eating a quiet, incredibly delicious meal all by myself at a local restaurant and pondering about the beautiful community of people required to produce it. I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the server who brought it to me. To the chef who displayed the food so artistically, using bits of finely chopped up carrot and parsley to confetti the outside of my plate. To the cooks who grilled the chicken, chopped […]