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Depression for an a-theist

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the godless side

There is pressure, maybe we all feel it, to present a strength to the world.  That you are strong.  That either your life is so good it’s worth envying, or it’s so hard that we should all admire your strength within it.  That there is an inner force within oneself, a strong one, that knows things.  That figures them out.  That is the teacher and the student.  We applaud the successes or the authenticity in […]

Entrepreneurship replaces God

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the godless side / the post-God side

Pray without ceasing.  Read, memorize, study, meditate upon the Words of God written in Scripture.  Praise, worship, and adore him with singing and service.  Listen to his voice.  Obey. These things aggressively dominated my day, my time, my thoughts.  I’m sure that the thousands upon thousands of hours of my childhood, adulthood, and two Christian Bachelor’s degrees weren’t entirely wasted in that it provided some “me” time, even if I thought it was an “us” […]