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Proof god isn’t all-powerful

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I was wrong. God wasn’t the deepest source of the mountains of shit of dysfunction that have scarred over my psychological and emotional being, that have destroyed all examples of healthy relationships and healthy boundaries in my life.  There is one deeper. My husband and I are starting from scratch in so many ways in our lives right now, and I always just assumed that the extreme, irrational emotions during our periodic fighting was the […]

Dear Pastor’s Wife.. (and deep mother wounds)

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I wrote this letter a few days ago when I had some open-ended downtime allowing for the emotions to come forth.  I haven’t mailed it yet. Caroline* was my pastor’s wife during the church I attended from childhood through adulthood.  A mentor during tough times, a shoulder to cry on, a gentle support in times of need, she filled a role of mother in my life that I desperately needed during my teen and young adult […]

I can’t believe what just happened. Or some other click bait. Because THIS.

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I’m still sweating.  That kind of nervousness that lightly gathers on your forearm, the back of your neck, your upper lip.  That kind that is preceded by a hot wave reddening your cheeks and followed by a large unsettling sickness in your belly causing your heart to race and fingers to shake. My husband comes from a fundamentalist Mormon (polygamist) sect.  We are spending Christmas with them.  And every night, their family gathers in a circle […]

What DOES that Bible really say about parenting?

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I’ve mentioned that one of my current passions is Attachment Parenting. I wrote a post on my non-anonymous blog a week or two ago that got people pretty fired up when I shared it on facebook. My point was to challenge the notion that raising a child “God’s Way” (via the methods of parenting in books like “Growing Kids God’s Way” and “Babywise”) was not only counter to current research and science on epigenetics, child […]

Eggshells to Confidence. My journey of earning trust with polygamists.

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When I first met Silver’s family, they were all a bit wary of me.  Who is this Christian girl infiltrating our fundamentalist Mormon home?  They were all very friendly to me, but their warmth would soon change. Once Silver left fundamentalist Mormonism, things got pretty difficult.  Silver’s father sat down with us privately and asked me point blank, “What are your intentions with my family?”  I felt so trapped, because of course I wanted to […]