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Depression for an a-theist

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There is pressure, maybe we all feel it, to present a strength to the world.  That you are strong.  That either your life is so good it’s worth envying, or it’s so hard that we should all admire your strength within it.  That there is an inner force within oneself, a strong one, that knows things.  That figures them out.  That is the teacher and the student.  We applaud the successes or the authenticity in […]

Dear Pastor’s Wife.. (and deep mother wounds)

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I wrote this letter a few days ago when I had some open-ended downtime allowing for the emotions to come forth.  I haven’t mailed it yet. Caroline* was my pastor’s wife during the church I attended from childhood through adulthood.  A mentor during tough times, a shoulder to cry on, a gentle support in times of need, she filled a role of mother in my life that I desperately needed during my teen and young adult […]

Religious differences didn’t break up my family.

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Compared to last year, my parents’ visit this time around was phenomenal.  That word is strong, but it is contrasted with the worst week I have experienced. I was actually pretty shocked at how gracious and loving my parents were this year.  They spent 2.5 weeks here with us and stated their main purpose was twofold (1) to see us, of course, and (2) to do whatever they could to help us with our startup […]

Scrooged Soul Transformed.

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I always used to feel guilty whenever I didn’t journal frequently as a Christian.  It was one of those things I was supposed to do and it tangibly identified my faithfulness in consistency with my “time with God,” as we called it. I suppose I view this blog as my new journal, although this time I actually have a real audience (as opposed to an omnipotent being that I thought poured over my every written […]

Entrepreneurship replaces God

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Pray without ceasing.  Read, memorize, study, meditate upon the Words of God written in Scripture.  Praise, worship, and adore him with singing and service.  Listen to his voice.  Obey. These things aggressively dominated my day, my time, my thoughts.  I’m sure that the thousands upon thousands of hours of my childhood, adulthood, and two Christian Bachelor’s degrees weren’t entirely wasted in that it provided some “me” time, even if I thought it was an “us” […]

27 Things. Happy Birthday to Me

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Today, I turn 27.  Last year, today, I was in a busy market in downtown Manila picking out souvenirs for our family back home in America, desperately trying to hurry as my husband herniated a disc and could barely move.  He wouldn’t have at all, except that it was my birthday and he wanted to buy me some local pearls to lift my spirits from an otherwise overwhelming few months. The year that followed was […]