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Identity in Christ = Worthlessness

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the godless side

Finding your identity in Christ… This was a message spoken to me day-to-day, week-to-week for decades.  It was about my self-worth, and my need to find it in another entity.  What does that mean when that entity disappears from your psyche by disbelief in his existence?  It means your worth disappears along with it. My worth, as a human, inherently and intrinsically, was always nothing.  I was only valuable through the eyes of god, who […]

The greatest disease: Gratefulness

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the post-God side

Gratefulness is contagious guys.  Make it part of you, and it will change your life!!  DO IT! When I first started writing my list of 27 great things about the past year, it was difficult for my to think of any more than just a few.  Discouraging at first, I racked my brain for what good things could come from such a hard year.  But once my brain ignited the engine of gratefulness, it hasn’t […]